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A house with history - holiday home "Lugmair"

The Lugmair family, originally a farming family in St. Ulrich am Pillersee, wanted to live closer to the village. An affordable and suitable building was found in Waidring. In 1870 "Haus Lugmair" was built by Joseph Lugmair with "fire wood" (non-combustible wood) in a frame construction and rush plaster. For reasons of stability and a moisture barrier, the walls facing the slope were constructed with large stream stones and plaster. The year 1870 was also the founding year of the Lugmair bell and metal foundry. Joseph Lugmair learned his trade from the well-known bell founder "Dengg", an expert in beautiful bell sounds.

After World War I, Karl Lugmair took over his father Joseph's foundry. The casting of a single bell was enough to support the family for a whole month. During the Second World War, work in the foundry was suspended - there was no material for smelting. In the last years of the war the house was annexed by the French occupying forces. The family had to move out and the French soldiers took over the house.

After the end of World War II, Josef Foidl (married to the bell founder Maria Lugmair) began to run the business largely as an autodidact. The heyday of the foundry in the 1960s and in the following years made it possible to build a new foundry at its current location at Dorfstrasse 43. Ing. Wolfgang Olivier, the grandson of Josef Foidl, has been running the bell foundry since 1999. Until his death in 2010, Josef Foidl, at the proud age of 91, was still standing in his beloved foundry every day and in excellent health.

As a businesswoman, Maria Foidl (née Lugmair), in addition to working in the foundry, also ran a gas station and, with a lot of love, also ran a guest rental business. The many regular guests enjoyed the special hospitality, sociability and down-to-earth comfort in the house.

In 1996 Christian Foidl took over "Haus Lugmair" and the first general renovation with a new roof construction and thermal insulation took place. From 2014, after the interior has been renovated, the house will be available to guests from all over the world as a holiday home.

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